This ancient remedy has been known for centuries in South America and Orient. Thanks to its medicinal properties it healed thousands of people all around the world. The Japanese use it very frequently and they nick-named it “the silent healer”. The following recipe has been ideated by Father Arno Reckziegel, Sister Maria Zatta, Paulo Cèsar de Andrade dos Santos and Father Primo Rigo, but it is thanks to Father Romano Zago and his book “Di Cancro si può guarire!” (which means: “it is possible to recover from cancer”) - Adle edition, Padua - that this recipe is now known also in Western countries.


Father ROMANO ZAGO’s recipe



½ Kilo of honey (also biologic acacia honey)

40-50 ml of distillate
(Grappa, Cognac, Whisky, etc.)

350/400 g of Aloe Vera/Aloe Arborescens leaves



Who Is Father Romano Zago?


Father Romano Zago was born in Brazil (11 april 1932) in the town nowadays called “Progresso” but he has Italian origins. At 11 he enters the seraphic seminary “St. Francesco” in Taquari, where he accomplishes his religious studies. In 1952 he becomes novice. He studies Philosophy in Daltro Filho and Theology in Divinipolis (Mato Gorsso State). He becomes a priest of the order of the Minor Friars. Soon afterward he is professor at the seminary of Taquary, where he studied when he was young, and in 1971 Father Romano Zago gets a degree in Letters and teaches French, Spanish, Portuguese and Latin at the different houses of his order. In 1991 he is moved to Israel to teach the youngsters.
At present he lives and works in Brazil, where he came back after his mission in Israel.